Feb 21, 2015

Hart ISD Student Immunization Policy

Hart ISD Allows Vaccination Exemption Only By Written Note From Doctor

Retta Knox, R.N., supervisor of the school health clinic, in an email to The Pulse last week, reports that the student body is 100% vaccinated. She said that some students may be due booster shots toward the end of the school year, but that they are protected.

To be exempt, a student must present a written note from a doctor. Knox said it’s very rare that a student is exempt, mainly if a child is allergic to eggs, which are frequently used as a base for vaccines.

The school abides by the immunization requirements set up by the state dept. of health, which according to a document provided by Knox, is for students in K-12. Knox said that pre-kindergarten students are required to have their vaccinations current for their age. Most boosters to complete series are required at age 4, according to Knox.

The Pulse has not determined specifically whether staff is required to show proof of immunization. Knox said that staff requirements are in the school policy as adopted from the Texas Assoc. of School Boards.