Sep 17, 2015

HISD Honors Committee To Recognize State Qualifiers

Hart I.S.D. Honors Committee

Hart Independent School District has established an Honors Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to honor past and present students at Hart I.S.D.  that qualified and/or competed at the state level of competition and hopes to recognize these individuals and teams in the near future.   These students or teams could be for academic, band, choir, or athletic.  Individuals are compiling information of past student success about those individuals or teams.

Hart I.S.D. also requests interested persons willing to serve on this committee to help determine the most appropriate way to recognize these individuals.  This committee will meet for the first time around the middle of October.  If you are interested in joining the committee or can provide information about past individual, teams, or playoffs teams from football and basketball, please contact the superintendent’s office at (806) 938-2143. [/ private]