Sep 7, 2014

Pulse print editon may change

Pulse Print Edition May Change

By Neoma Williams, publisher-editor


I received a call last week that  North Plains Printing  in Hereford will close their plant at the end of September.


I will print there this week for September, and haven’t thought it out what I will do for the rest of the year. For October, I may print a newsletter, as I did a couple of years ago.


It’s the story of David and Goliath. I, as David, don’t have the strength to slay Goliath. Ha! I printed at Floydada for years. When that press closed, I printed at Plainview, and that worked out very well for me. However, Hearst Corporation, which owns the Plainview Herald, shut down press operations in Plainview, and that paper is printed in Midland. All the weeklies that Plainview printed went elsewhere.


If I can’t find a reasonable solution, I may have to discontinue the print edition. I will keep you posted. If I discontinue the print edition, I plan to continue the website.